Nerea Godínez will seek psychological help after the death of Octavio Ocaña: “I reached my limit”

Nerea Godinez is the fiancee of Octavio Ocanawho gave life to Benito Rivers in the series of Neighbors and passed away at the age of 22 after being hit by a bullet. His death shocked both his fans and his loved ones, including the actor’s girlfriend.

The young woman revealed that, four months after Ocaña’s death, You can no longer experience your grief without professional she decided to start treatment with a specialist who knew nothing about her public life or her fiancé’s artistic career.

“I have reached my limit, I have exploded, but I have already found someone (psychologist) who does not know who I am or who Octavio was, finally depression is not just crying, you secret many things in the brain that make you depressed or tired, or that you sleep a lot or that you do not sleep a lot or that you eat little or that you eat a lot”, he explained for First hand.

Nerea made the decision to receive professional psychological help (Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo)

in conversation with First hand, Nerea explained that the discouragement, sadness and deep pain she experiences have made her think that she has some characteristics of depression; So in the midst of pain his life has become routine and monotonous and has even wanted to disappear.

“Depression is real, I’m even going to cry, it’s not easy to deal with all this, obviously one feels like disappearing; I’m trying hard, fighting to lead a full life, not be “to be” as I have been latelywhich is ‘wake up, go to school and go to sleep,’” he explained in First Hand.

From his first statements, Nerea explained that she preferred to live the loss of Octavio in private, an action for which it was harshly criticized by various Internet users. In this regard, he reiterated that although he has tried to project some stability, it is not being a simple situation.

Octavio Ocana
Bertha Ocaña, Nerea Godínez and Octavio Pérez during the unveiling of their star in a tribute (Photo: Instagram Bertha Ocaña)

“Not because they see you like this as if nothing means that you are fine, one does not know the hells that are at homeyou have to have a little more empathy with that”, he mentioned.

Nerea shared that has constantly transited between the phases of mourning and has great difficulties in assimilating the absence of her fiancébut even so, he mentioned that his main motivation for living is his little son, so he strives to rediscover fulfillment.

“I try to lead my life a little more normal, but it has been difficult; every day you go in an elevator, denial, then you get angry again and then you say that ‘it’s over‘, then I ask myself ‘Why me?'” he explained.

Nerea Godínez was Ocaña's girlfriend for almost a year (Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo)
Nerea Godínez was Ocaña’s girlfriend for almost a year (Photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo)

Nerea recently showed a short video where he was at a party with Ocaña and pointed out that said recording represented the moment in which their love story began.

“This video is exactly one year old and at that time I did not know that we were going to start a story (because you proposed it from moment 1).Thank you for everything my king“, wrote.

However, something that caught the attention of Internet users was that in a fragment of the message, Octavio Ocaña’s ex-fiancée said some worrying words.

“I love you with every millimeter of my being and that will be until my last day, I hope you never forget me because I will not, wait for me I promise you that I will reach you”, he explained, causing anguish in some of his followers, who re-uploaded the recording to various tribute accounts of his relationship with Ocaña.


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