Netflix movies you must see before they disappear this September 29

With the arrival of a new month Netflix adds content to its streaming platform in order to attract more users and of course to please those who already have the service.

That is why some series and movies also have to be removed from it, because Netflix only buys the rights to keep them for some time, that is why here at American Post News, We present you the Netflix movies that you must see before they are withdrawn this September 29.

Remember that if you are looking for some options to watch on the platform, you can always check the complete list of premieres scheduled for the month of September.

Movies Leaving Netflix This September 29

The days of simulators are numbered on Netflix This series will soon switch to Paramount+ The Spanish film you must see before they leave

The Simulators

This is one of the series that has had the most success in Latin America, however now it will say goodbye to Netflix, in this series a group of researchers known as Los Simuladores is dedicated to carrying out different operations where they appear to be in a situation in order to solve the problems that their customers ask them. It is planned that a movie of this series will be released by 2024, however this is a very good opportunity to see it.

This series will soon switch to Paramount+ The Spanish film you must see before they leave

Paw Patrol

Due to the arrival of more platforms and streaming applications, that is why this great children’s series also leaves the N platform to reach Paramount + who took over the rights to this production.

Here we meet six pups who become heroes as they are guided by a ten-year-old tech expert on dangerous rescue missions.

The Spanish film you must see before they leave

The bar

In this Spanish film, it is one of the ones you should see before it leaves Netflix on September 29, as it is a very good proposal that brings fun.

In it we will meet a group of people who witness a murder and are trapped in a bar in Madrid, so the tension begins to be very great being in a small space which makes this film very interesting but not recommended for people with claustrophobia.

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What to watch on Netflix this week

If you are looking for more options to watch on the streaming platform, remember that this week some films are released, such as the Marilyn Monroe biopic starring Ana de Armas, which arrives on September 28 and seeks to show the person more than the character. of Marilyn Monroe.

In addition to the fact that there is also a series that promises to be one of the most watched, so in The Empress we will meet Elizabeth of Bavaria, better known as Sissi, who is the last empress of Europe, so we will learn about her tragic life.

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