Netflix: premieres Mexican series about the experiences of a team of firefighters

Mexican productions continue strong on the popular streaming platform netflix. On this occasion, they are about to release a new series that is made up of a great cast of actors and actresses from Mexico and that will narrate the story of a team of firefighters.

This series will be called “Where There Was Fire” and some of the personalities that will act in it are the talented actress Itatí Cantoral and the popular actor Edward Capetillo. A project that they loved because it was something very different from their usual roles in Mexican soap operas.

The story will tell us how Itati accompanies the fire team in their work every day and some of the experiences they have on a daily basis. Also, she is in charge of giving her meals, at which time the other characters tell her things.

This is what the two talents of “Where There Was Fire” think

Itatí Cantoral She is very happy to be Gloria in the series, since her role has a somewhat maternal role with the fire team and she liked that she helps and cares for them in various aspects: “In Mexico there are many Gloritas. I was captivated, I fell in love with its ability to put out its fires” said the actress.

For its part, Edward Capetillo, comments that he was very happy to have a character different from the leading men in soap operas who always appear perfect. Likewise, he was proud because his son had a role in “Where There Was Fire” called: Eduardo Capetillo Gaytan.

“I am overwhelmed with emotion. It is a gift of life not only for him, but for me, for his mother and for the whole family, “she said.

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When do they premiere “Where there was fire”?

The series premieres on August 17.

The series “Where There Was Fire” will be available on the Netflix platform on August 17. It is directed by José Ignacio “Chascas” Valenzuela who wanted to create this series without losing the Mexican features. Do not miss it!

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