Netflix renews ‘Emily in Paris’ for two more seasons

Lily Collins is the protagonist of ‘Emily in Paris’.

Photo: Carole Bethuel / Netflix

Netflix announced today that there will be third and fourth seasons of “Emily in Paris“, The romantic series that stars Lily Collins and that produces and directs Darren star, scriptwriter of “Sex and the City” or “Sensation of living.”

The ad comes just released, on December 22, the second season in which Emily (Collins), a Chicago marketing executive sent to Paris, is already more settled and doing better and better in the city.

The series, the most watched on Netflix in 2020, revolves around how he juggles to win over his co-workers, make friends and navigate between romances.

In recent days, Emily’s heartthrob in the series, played by Lucas BravoHe said the series has given him a “sex symbol” image that has made him more self-conscious.

I have become an object overnight. It has made me become much more self-aware. Because when you think of that word and of the people to whom it is applied, you always see a healthy, attractive and muscular person, and I am not like that ”, he pointed out in an interview with The Times newspaper.

“Emily in Paris” has received much criticism for stereotyping the French but the actress Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu He says that his compatriots need to know how to laugh at themselves.

The French know how to laugh at others, but not at themselves. They always end up getting angry and offended when people make fun of them, and they do not realize that the creator of the series, Darren Starr, is also making fun of the Americans, “said the 58-year-old interpreter in statements to the Page Six portal.

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