Netflix: This is the best Turkish series you can watch NOW on Netflix

Netflix It is one of the platforms that month after month brings news to its catalog to continue being the leader in streaming.

On the platform we can find everything, series, movies and animations, but today a series of Turkish origin stands out that is breaking the platform and has been among the most watched on the platform.

This is My other self, which is currently in number four along with titles such as Manifest

What is my other self about?

Here we will know the story of three friends, Ada, Sevgi Y Leyla, who are roommates in college and become great friends.

Sevgi is diagnosed with cancer; which she takes us to visit, together with the characters, the Turkish city of Ayvalik.

There they are looking for Zaman, a man who conducts family constellation sessions; but he realizes that it is the three friends who need to undertake this journey to continue with their lives.

Mi Otra Yo talks about a journey of self-discovery, wonder and revelations about the past and the different versions of its protagonists.

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More to watch on Netflix

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In addition to that you can also check some documentaries like BD Cooper Where are you? either Assassins of India: The Butcher of Delhi, you also have series like Sandman either Rebel which premieres its second season.

Or if what you want is to see a movie, it is also The Gray Man either What fault is karma?

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