Netflix will ban you from sharing your account with another friend

The digital platforms are here to stay and their main reason is that everyone rents them. The business of the moment is developed by the applications that offer us streaming, like Netflix, which throughout this time has presented us with great movies and series, although it has also surprised us by making quite important decisions for the business.

Everything seems that this practice of sharing accounts with your friends could disappear since the platform would be taking action on the matter and it is likely that very soon they will get the majority of users to subscribe as they should.

Will Netflix no longer let you share your account?

According to The Washington Post, a limited group of people received a strange message on their televisions. According to this medium and screenshots that appeared on the internet of things, it said something like: “If you do not live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to continue watching.”

It turns out that Netflix is ​​testing a new feature that, through this pop-up message, warns people who share their password and who do not live with the password owner, that they have to pay their own bill.

Apparently they are asking users to verify that they are the holders or a member who has direct access to the same password by asking them to enter a verification code.

They send this code by text message or via email, but they still offer the opportunity to verify later or simply ignore the message. However, there is still an option for those who have been passed the password and do not have an account of their own, since the streaming giant would be offering an initial free trial, something that they had removed a while ago and that could motivate them to subscribe. .