Netflix’s ‘Rebelde’ Releases Music Video For First Track Based On RBD Hit

Netflix is ​​about to release a new version of “Rebel“, The telenovela that launched stars such as Anahi, Maite Perroni, Sweet Maria, Christina Chavez, Christopher Uckermann and Alfonso Herrera. The new version has had quite a few negative reviews, however, the streaming platform has made fun of it again as many will be watching it to compare it with the previous version.

As you well remember, within fiction a musical group formed by the protagonists of the series was born. The group RBD it went beyond fiction and became an international phenomenon. Netflix is ​​now trying to replicate that success by forming a new group with young singers at the same time.

Before the premiere of “Rebelde” in 2022, Netflix released the group’s first music video, which is a cover of the first RBD song. The new version of the song has unleashed criticism that compares it with the previous version, as expected.

For the Netflix adaptation, the music popularized by RBD is the one being used, but the story will be told in a different way and will be based more on the original version that is from Argentina. Let us remember that the soap opera “Rebelde Way” was the first version of this story.

Check out the Rebelde Netflix music video here!


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