Neve Campbell, from ‘Screams’, was attacked by a bear and dragged through the woods on the set of a movie

Shooting with animals or children is the nightmare of every actor and director because both are usually unpredictable, although only the former canThey can cause real misfortune if they are not in the mood to work. Actress Neve Campbell, for example, He lived through one of the most terrifying moments of his entire career when at the age of 17 he participated in a film in which his character was chased by a bear in a part of the story.

Actually, it all started off on the wrong foot because the first thing they did was give him a bottle of Coca-Cola so he could give it to his scene partner to drink and win his affection. However, all it did was give him a highly inadvisable “sugar rush.”

Then they told me to stick my hand in a pot of honey and run to a tree up ahead. In theory, I used to have to stop, turn around and offer my hand to the bear to feed it. I was 17 years old and very dumb, I just wanted to please everyone,” she explained on the Kelly Clarkson show.

The problem is that the bear did not stop as promised and pounced on her: “He grabbed my leg and started dragging me through the woods. On top of that day my mom was visiting the set, and she started screaming. The whole team froze because no one could believe what was happening“.

In the end, the bear’s trainer managed to get her to release her by throwing stones at her and the interpreter climbed on a rock to be safe. The most surprising thing is that it was she who insisted on repeating the scene that same day because the attack occurred during rehearsals and the cameras had not recorded it.