New commercial sweeps social networks with a series of coincidences that would make Argentina the champion of Qatar 2022

A creative commercial for an Argentine beer brand identified a series of events that occurred before the Albiceleste won the 1986 World Cup in Mexico and that will happen again in 2022.

Photo: Elsa/Getty Images

Argentines are known for their love of soccer and the quality of the commercials they produce. This year, the Qatar 2022 World Cup will be played exactly one month from now. Every four years, many companies usually focus their marketing on this theme. The beer company Quilmes launched a creative commercial sweeping social networks and has already exceeded one million reproductions.

Its new campaign is called “Coincidences” and is focused on the coincidences that existed before the 1986 World Cup in Mexico when Argentina was champion for the last time against Germany. For 2022, many of those facts were repeated, which is why the brand decided to appeal to the cabal and the illusion to promote audiovisual advertising.

In social networks, it has become very common for months that users have been looking for any current similarity to compare with the World Cups won by the national team, and at the end, they wrote the phrase: “I choose to believe.”

What are the coincidences?

  • The 1986 World Cup final was played at noon, and the Qatar 2022 final will be played simultaneously.
  • The Christmas before the 1986 World Cup was rained out in Buenos Aires, as will be the case in 2021.
  • Canada’s national team played in the ’86 World Cup and will do so again in Qatar 2022.
  • In Qatar 2022 final, Jupiter will be in Pisces, and in the ’86 final, the same thing happened.
  • The actor Robert De Niro visited Argentina twice. In 1986 and 2022.
  • In the World Cup of 1986, the Chilean soccer team did not qualify for the tournament.
  • The same happened in the last qualifiers for Qatar 2022.
  • In 1986 it was not a leap year as in 2022.
  • In 1986 Argentina had what was considered the best player in the world at that time: Diego Armando Maradona. Currently, they have Lionel Messi, winner of seven Ballon d’Or awards and considered by many the best in history.

The two-minute video features the musician Pedro Aznar and the goalkeeper Franco Armani.

In the case of Aznar, the campaign tells that in 1986 he released, together with singer Charly García the song “Hablando a Tu corazón” (Talking to your heart), which is also the one heard in the advertisement.

Regarding the goalkeeper, he collaborated with a doctor who brought him into the world 36 years ago. A group of people is also seen renaming a street so that it could be identified as it was in 1986.

The video ends with a phrase that explains a bit of the central idea of the commercial. “For those who need coincidences, there are coincidences. For those who believe in the team, there is a team.”

It is worth remembering that Argentina is one of the favorites to win in Qatar 2022 due to the great soccer level shown, which led them to be undefeated for more than 30 matches. In addition, a South American team has not won a World Cup since 2002. The Albiceleste has been one of the teams that have played the most finals since the 2014 World Cup.