New hit ‘Déjenla Que Sea Feliz’ stirs up debate between Grupo Firme and Eden Muñoz

Unfolding drama as Eden Muñoz's missed collab transforms into Grupo Firme and Chacho's viral regional Mexican hit.

Grupo Firme already has a new song available on its digital platforms. Still, this one was made as a duet with Chacho y su Vagancia, young exponents of regional Mexican music who are attracting attention for the feeling that permeates their melodies, especially for their success in social networks.

The song is titled “Déjenla que sea feliz” (Let her be happy) and is the brainchild of Chacho Pardo, vocalist of the group. The single is already available on social networks and music platforms such as Spotify or YouTube, where the official video adds up reproductions of the project and is placed among the public’s favorites.

The official images show the recent meeting that Grupo Firme had in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, where they invited Chacho to come on stage and perform together the popular piece that was already going viral on pages like TikTok. In the clip, everything happens between the party and some interactions with the public, so the viewers liked it.

The artists have already launched their song on platforms. Capturadevideo
The artists have already launched the song on all well-known platforms. Video capture

But not all opinions have been good, as some remember that before Grupo Firme approached Chacho to get involved in the project, first it was another grupero who was interested in singing alongside the Sinaloan, Edén Muñoz, who tried his best to find him but failed.

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Edén Muñoz wanted to record the song with Chacho y su Vagancia.

Through TikTok, the ex-member of Calibre 50 made a special call to all internet users asking them to help him look for the singer and author of “Déjenla que sea feliz”, because, on a previous occasion, he did the same with “El Frizian” with whom he recorded “Te perdonaría,” a melody that was a hit in his voice.

But this time things did not work out, and Grupo Firme was the one who performed the duet with Chacho, so the word quickly began to spread that the stars headed by Eduin Caz had taken over the idea that Edén had of collaborating. It should be noted that so far, the band has not made their position known about this speculation.

Edén Muñoz commented, and the public took it as a reference. The singer-songwriter shared a video on his official TikTok account where he performs a melody. Still, in the description, he wrote: “Well, maybe I played a rolita alone or not even just because you are with me,” an argument that received some opinions.

Edén Muñoz commented on the matter. Screenshot
Edén Muñoz commented on the matter. Screenshot