New Jersey state police shoot and kill two pit bulls after attack on women and daughters in Elizabeth Township

"Three women hospitalized after vicious pit bull attack in their own home in New Jersey. Police shoot and kill two dogs in self-defense. Similar incidents reported in NY communities."

Two fighting dogs were shot and killed by New Jersey State Police (NJSP) after biting a woman and her two daughters in their own home in Elizabeth Township.

The incident occurred yesterday morning at a residence in the 300 block of Amity Street. Three pit bulls began fighting each other, and when the women living in the house tried to separate them using sticks, the dogs turned around and began viciously biting them.

Police quickly arrived on the scene and made a quick decision as the pit bulls continued their attack, ABC News said. Officers used a long gun and a pair of shotguns to shoot them.

There were a total of six dogs in the house. Two of them died, and the third survived in principle. The three injured women were transported to nearby Trinitas Hospital.

One woman suffered multiple bites and had a broken arm. Her two daughters, ages 24 and 30, were bitten on their hands and arms.

The remaining dogs were removed from the home. The Union County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the case.

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A neighbor commented that these pit bulls are a terror to the community, and owners have come out to break up fights between the dogs on multiple occasions.

In October, a group of pit bull dogs were removed from a Staten Island (NYC) home after attacking two children and a teenage girl.

In July, a 70-year-old woman died violently after her family’s pit bull dog brutally attacked her at her home in Albertson (Long Island, NY).

In August 2021, a 19-month-old baby was attacked to death by a family Rottweiler dog while caring for his infant siblings in Brooklyn (NYC).

In June 2021, also in Brooklyn, a wheelchair-bound man died apparently bitten by his pit bull dogs. Months earlier, at least two children were killed by dogs in their homes in New Jersey.