New laws come into force that toughen the use of weapons in New York and announce prohibited areas

Last July, the United States Supreme Court threw a bucket of cold water on the fierce fight that the State of New York has been waging against firearmsafter overturning a law enacted more than a century ago, which imposed restrictions on carrying concealed weapons outside the home.

But as a way to counterbalance the dangerous decision, the state Legislature approved a package of harsh regulations, which will come into force as of this Thursday, September 1, in all corners of New York, and which seeks to prevent the Big Apple from become “in a camp armed with fear and mistrust.”

so announced Mayor Eric Adamsafter unveiling a comprehensive plan to educate and inform all New Yorkers about changes to state gun laws, including regulations such as further revisions to eligibility requirements, firearms training courses and the creation of “sensitive areas” where weapons cannot be carried.

“The Supreme Court, instead of overturning what we’ve been doing, should have doubled down on what we’ve been doing, and we would have saved lives in the process,” he said. the local president, warning that New York will continue to do everything in its power to protect the lives of New Yorkers, who so far in 2022 They have already experienced more than 924 shootings, with 1,115 victims. Police actions have also managed to remove 4,700 weapons from the streets.

“We have been put in the line of fire and we must respond accordingly. The radical decision they made (the Supreme Court) endangers us all. But here in New York, a place known for freedom, openness and diversity, we will stand up for ourselves.” Adams emphasizedwarning that those states that have opened their gun laws, have terrifying data on deaths from gun violence.

In addition to the campaigns with public service announcements, the Mayor mentioned that there will be personnel educating New Yorkers on the ground and stressed that in sensitive areas such as hospitals, churches, schools, theaters, parks, entertainment venues and plazas such as the famous Times Square, it will be prohibited to carry firearms, even concealed in cars.

“We want you to know about the new laws and what they mean for New Yorkers. The city is putting up signs around Times Square letting people know the area is a gun-free zone,” the mayor said. “We have to say that we are a gun-free zone. And so, licensed weapons carriers and others will not be able to enter with a weapon, unless the law specifically authorizes otherwise (as in the case of uniformed officers).”

The Mayor’s announcement comes just at a time when NYPD figures reveal that incidents with shootings last month increased by 13.4%, with 178 violent acts, being Brooklyn, the south of Queens and Staten Island, the areas with the greatest rebounds. In addition, murders increased in July, by 34.3%, with 47 cases, but also arrests: 2,752, which is 2.4% higher than in 2021.

The Governor Kathy Hochul joined the announcement, and after lashing out at the Supreme Court for having opened a door to more deaths from firearms in New York and the country, as well as the pain and trauma that these shootings mean, he gave his word of that with actions and the implementation of legislative changes, he will defend New Yorkers tooth and nail.

As Governor, my number one responsibility is to keep all New Yorkers safe.. That is why, when the time came for the Supreme Court’s decision, we were prepared for it,” said the state president, who warned that what is least needed now is more weapons on the streets.

“In response to the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down New York’s century-old concealed carry law, we took swift and thoughtful action to keep New Yorkers safe…In New York State, we will continue to lead the way and implement conscientiousness legislation. common sense about gun safety Hochul added, explaining that another law will increase the age to buy semi-automatic weapons to 21 years and that they will be strict in enforcing the non-carrying of weapons in sensitive areas. “We have worked hard to remove weapons from the streets and we don’t need people carrying weapons in schools, bars, on the subway, in restaurants. That makes us less safe.”

The new regulations on the use of weapons in New York also include the strengthening of the background check of buyers, including interviews and review of their social networks, the prohibition of having non-stored weapons in residences where minors under 18 live, the change in the renewal of permits to carry weapons, no longer every five years, but every three, as well as the workshops on armed violence.

“The violence has to stop and we have to protect our people. We are going to make that happen, because there are rules and we have to follow them and we are going to hold everyone accountable for it,” added the state leader, while reaffirming the commitment to continue working with community organizations and young people who interrupt violence and opportunities and struggles against trauma. “When we see the signs, we have to connect the dots and see that certain individuals can harm themselves or others and we have to act.”

The Commissioner of the New York City Police Department (NYPD), Keechant L. Sewellstressed that the new laws will help curb armed violence and warned that the police take their responsibility very seriously.

“Nothing about the new requirements that will go into effect regarding the legal possession of firearms changes the fact that the NYPD remains prepared to ensure public safety in Times Square and elsewhere in New York City. ”, said the Commissioner. “The NYPD’s focus on detecting and intercepting illegal weapons, and arresting those who possess them illegally remains the cornerstone of our ongoing fight to eradicate gun violence”.

Philip BanksIIIDeputy Mayor for Public Safety of New York, highlighted the joint work that the NYPD has done with various agencies to enforce the law and prepare for and educate about the new regulations.

“Ignorance of the law is not an excuse to violate it, but we are still committed to making it very clear to every resident and visitor what the provisions and effects of this new legislation are,” the official said. “What this decision does not change is the fact that the NYPD and all of our public safety agencies remain focused on protecting this city.”

US senator Kirsten Gillibrand He specifically mentioned that the new gun-free zones will help keep communities safe from gun violence.

“We still have more work to do, but New York leaders are working diligently at the federal, state and city levels to keep our streets safe and end the epidemic of gun violence,” said the federal legislator.

representative Jerrold Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee praised New York for taking steps to require concealed carry license applicants to meet more eligibility requirements and complete a training course.

“These actions today will make New Yorkers safer and tell anyone that New York will do everything in its power to ensure the safety of its residents and visitors,” the politician said.

The New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams warned that the new laws will counterbalance the decision of the Supreme Court to annul the law of concealed carrying of weapons.

“Our state government leaders acted quickly and responsibly in passing regulations to prioritize our safety, including designating sensitive places like Times Square as gun-free zones,” said the head of the municipal body. “It is also imperative that the city take steps to make both residents and visitors clear about the new law and the designated areas where guns are restricted.”

Details on the implementation of the new firearms laws in NY

  • Carrying weapons is prohibited in sensitive areas such as subways, buses, hospitals, churches, schools, parks, day care centers, theaters, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, entertainment areas, and squares such as Times Square.
  • In New York, the desired change is that from 40th Street to 53rd Street between Sixth Avenue and Eighth Avenue, and from 40th Street to 48th Street between Eighth Avenue and Ninth Avenue, firearms cannot be carried. .
  • Firearms arrests under the new laws could result in up to four years in prison.
  • There will be an informational and educational campaign about the new regulations, which will include signs and notices indicating that firearms are prohibited in certain areas.
  • New provisions will require gun license applicants to meet increased requirements and eligibility review
  • They must also complete a state-regulated firearms training course.
  • City to Launch Frequently Asked Questions Website to Educate New Yorkers About Laws
  • The page will be updated periodically to respond to the concerns of New Yorkers
  • To apply for gun licenses, interviews and social media review will be required
  • The renewal of weapons permits will no longer be every five years but every three
  • From September 4 the age of acquisition of semi-automatic weapons will increase to 21 years

Gun Violence in NYC by the Numbers

  • 924 shootings have been recorded in the city so far in 2022
  • 1,115 victims have left armed violence this year
  • 178 shootings were recorded in July
  • There were 157 shootings in July of last year
  • 13.4% increased shootings last month
  • 47 deaths left those shootings in July
  • 34.3% was the increase in the number of fatalities
  • 129 victims left armed acts in the last 28 days
  • 30 shootings were recorded just last week
  • 40 victims left those acts
  • 4,700 firearms have been seized this year in New York City
  • 2,752 people were arrested in the first seven months for firearms
  • 2.4% increase in arrests, compared to 2,687 arrests in the same period in 2021