New romance? Christian Nodal is captured hand in hand with the rapper Cazzu

Images and videos of Christian Nodal and Argentine rapper Cazzu in a romantic setting are circulating on social media, indicating that they are in a new relationship.

On AmericanPost.News we have let you know that Christian Nodal has been romantically linked to several women in recent months, the last one was Mariana García, with whom it was even rumored that he had formalized a relationship.

However, this Tuesday, the singer surprised his followers by being caught with the rapper Cazzu, with whom he shared a romantic moment.

Christian Nodal is captured with Cazzu

Nodal and Cazzu were captured in Guatemala.

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The singer Christian Nodal and the Argentine rapper Cazzu were seen in Antigua, Guatemala, walking through the streets, holding hands and eating ice cream.

They were later seen at “La Aurora” International Airport in Guatemala, where they boarded a private jet, apparently heading for Barcelona, Spain.

The couple looked very affectionate at all times, holding hands and hugging, where the Mexican regional singer wore his new look, with purple hair and his new tattoos.

Who is Cazzu?

Julieta Cazzuchelli, better known as Cazzu, is an Argentine singer and songwriter, of the trap genre, she is recognized in the music industry as “La Jefa Del Trap”.

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She has been recognized internationally through different nominations for awards such as the Heat Awards, the Youth Awards, the Tu Music Awards, the MTV European Music Awards, the Lo Nuestro Award and the Spotify Awards.

Cazzu was at Empire Music Fest and met Christian Nodal. It is unknown if the singers had a close relationship until now.