New rules in Miss Universe Colombia offer journalist and mother Camila Avella a second chance

Camila Avella embraces revised Miss Universe Colombia criteria, reentering pageant post motherhood, gaining vast online support.

From August 25 to September 2, the vibrant city of Barranquilla will be the stage for the Miss Universe Colombia contest. The glitz and glamour are set against ‘La Arenosa,’ where the next representative for Colombia at the globally renowned Miss Universe pageant will be chosen. This year, the spotlight will be on El Salvador, the host country for the global event.

Surprisingly, the pageant’s rules have evolved this year to embrace a broader spectrum of Colombian women. Now, even married women with children can compete. This shift paved the way for Camila Avella, a journalist, model, and presenter, to revive her childhood dream of donning the Colombian crown.

However, this isn’t Avella’s first foray into the world of beauty pageants. In 2018, she aimed to represent Casanare in the National Beauty Contest in Cartagena. But Raymundo Angulo, the president of the pageant, turned her down, citing her swimsuit feature in a magazine and her contractual ties with significant media networks like Caracol.

Reminiscing about the rejection, Avella once stated, “I felt discriminated against because a week prior, Miss Antioquia was informed of her ineligibility. Yet, Raimundo Angulo didn’t broadcast her exclusion as he did with me. It’s only fair to treat us as equals; Casanare deserves respect and consideration.”

Choosing not to contest the decision with the assistance of famed lawyer Abelardo De La Espriella, Avella moved forward. Life took her on a journey where she collaborated with major brands, married Nassif Kamle, and welcomed their daughter, Amelia, who often joins her at pageant events.

The rule change by the Miss Universe Colombia organization rekindled Avella’s aspiration. She voiced her gratitude on social media, expressing that this was life’s way of offering her a second shot at her dream. Sharing her journey on Instagram, she wrote, “I’d believed this dream was behind me. Today, I realize the universe preserves what you might deem impossible. I am delighted to be the inaugural mother to compete in this contest.”


She further shared her sentiments about motherhood, saying, “Amelia is my life’s greatest gift. Through her, I’m driven to be my best self. I hope to exemplify that motherhood doesn’t confine us but empowers us to excel in every role we undertake.”

Since reigniting her dream, Avella has refined her skills, from public speaking and English to mastering the runway. Her dedication has garnered a significant following, with many pageant enthusiasts rallying behind her. She boasts over 532,000 followers on Instagram alone, documenting her rigorous preparations.

Her journey has already seen her claim titles such as ‘Miss Punctuality’ and ‘Miss Bulova’. Given her captivating beauty, charm, and intellect, many believe she’s a frontrunner for the crown. The decisive moment will unfold on September 2 at the Puerta de Oro events center in Barranquilla.

At 27, Camila Avella stands on the cusp of potentially making history by bringing the first Miss Universe crown to her home department of Casanare.