New species of frog discovered in Panama; named after Greta Thunberg

A new species of frog was discovered in Panama, it is an endemic amphibian with a very restricted habitat, which has already been baptized with the name of the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, this as an acknowledgment of your effort to preserving the environment.

Informed AmericanPost.News that the frog was found in Cerro Chucantí, a private reserve in the province of Darién. The discovery was made by an international team of researchers led by biologists Abel Batista, from Panama, and Konrad Mebert, from Switzerland, who have already published the results of their work in the magazine ZooKeys.

In the published study it is revealed that this new discovered species is part of the rain frogs of the genus Pristimantis and is called “Pristimantis gretathunbergae”.

The new species of frog is vulnerable to extinction

The frog was named after the activist Her goal is to act against climate change

Because the habitat of this species is quite restricted, it is believed that are vulnerable to extinction, well it is also a species threatened by climate change.

Guido Berguido, director of the Adopta Bosque Association, which manages the reserve in question, indicated that this new species “is only reported in the Republic of Panama and only lives in the high mountains of Darien and in Central Panama. In other words, it has a very restricted habitat and, therefore, is vulnerable to extinction. “

This new species of frog has black eyes, a particular characteristic among the species of this group of animals in centromaerica.

Experts agree that the habitat of this species is very restricted, so climate change puts you in a vulnerable situation, because the temperature rise threatens to destroy their small habitat mountainous, an area that has decreased by 30% in recent years.

But those are not the only dangers that this species faces, as it is also seen threatened by chytrid fungus (‘Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis’), which causes fatal diseases in more than 700 species of amphibians. Worldwide this fungus has already reduced the amphibian population and caused the disappearance of 200 species.

What did Greta Thunberg do?

Its objective is to act against climate change

The young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, is an icon of the fight against climate change. He started a solo strike in August 2018 over climate change, today he has supporters and detractors around the world. Their main objective is to act against climate change and that is why they decided to put their name to the new species of frog discovered in Panama.