New WhatsApp function would alert about captures of conversations

A new whatsapp function would add to the trend of informing users, who seek to keep witnesses of the conversations that take place within the social network.

Among the news of the new year, the news has circulated that WhatsApp would have news in its service and with this it could join the tendency to betray users that save screenshots to conversations or sent images.

If you want to know more about the new WhatsApp features that will be available, then AmericanPost.News It shares all the details of how this messaging service could give away the screenshots.

WhatsApp could give away the screenshots

WhatsApp feature would include 3 popcorn

Without being confirmed so far, everyone hopes that WhatsApp will already implement a third dove that will alert the members of a group on the platform that someone has taken a screenshot of the conversation within it.

The expectation has remained as an intention, however, the rumor is the best indicator of what is needed for the platform, to guarantee the security that a medium that has millions of users in the world must offer.

As a warning system, the third blue dove will alert group members that one of them has taken a screenshot, which reminds us of the care that must be taken in the information and contents that are shared through this medium.

Although it is not a confirmed measure, it is a good advance of the updates that would be seen in the app and that confirm the importance of these alert functions, before information and content violated with screenshots.

This is undoubtedly a very important extra, for members of a social network who find in this type of guarantees extra reasons to become loyal to such media.

What is the new WhatsApp feature?

These are the new WhatsApp functions of 2022 that will come to the application:

  • Instagram Reels on WhatsApp

Within WhatsApp chats, it will be possible to share and play Instagram Reels without having to enter the application, due to the connectivity between networks managed by Meta: WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Log out in multi-device mode

The multi-device function is one of the most recent in the messaging application, which allows you to connect a WhatsApp account simultaneously without having to always have a cell phone, the new function that comes to improve this is the possibility of ‘logging out’ on any device from your phone.

  • Delete messages for everyone, but without limit

Currently, the ‘delete message for everyone’ function is only available for the first 60 minutes after the message was sent, so the new update will allow messages to be deleted at any time to safeguard the security and privacy of users .

  • Hide from specific contacts

One of the most anticipated improvements and new WhatsApp function is yet to come, this is the option that would allow you to hide the profile photo and the time of the last connection to certain contacts so that only some people will be able to see that you are ‘online’.

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