New Year’s fireworks will not be banned in Rio de Janeiro

It has recently been announced that the city of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, will continue with your fireworks celebration for New Years, as reported this Thursday by Mayor Eduardo Paes, in a press conference.

Apparently the decision happens after the mayor canceled the New Years Eve event almost three weeks ago, due to growing concerns about the new Omicron strain of Covid-19.

In his speech about the end of the year celebration Eduardo Paes said: “We want to celebrate the end of the year in a calm, safe and organized way. We met with the Scientific Committee, which confirmed that it would be safe to hold the New Year celebrations in the city, under the forecasts presented by the city government.

Will there be fireworks in Rio de Janeiro?

End of the year show Rio de Janeiro

The same mayor Eduardo Paes He reaffirmed: “We also obtained authorization from the State Scientific Committee. We are doing everything possible to avoid large trips or meetings. “

The city’s famous fireworks display will last 16 minutes on Copacabana Beach. The area will be restricted to residents of the beachfront neighborhood.

Avoid unnecessary trips

Paes said traffic and public transportation to the area will be blocked during the night hours on December 31, while those who party in Rio de Janeiro are encouraged to stay close to their homes to “avoid unnecessary travel.”

“We are implementing a special plan for Copacabana, because it is traditionally the largest meeting place in the city.”

It is worth mentioning that the Copacabana New Year’s Eve celebration is shown on television screens around the world, so it is going to be a beautiful New Year’s celebration, inspiring and full of hope according to Eduardo Paes.

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