New York asks to return to the use of a mask after a rebound in covid cases

Cases in the city have risen sharply again.

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

This Monday, the New York Health Commissioner, Ashwin Vasan, asked the population that due to the rebound in covid cases, the use of a mask in all public places.

He also announced that they will distribute millions of home tests to try to contain the increase in covid-19 cases that are being registered in the city.

“I advise all New Yorkers to cover up indoors, especially if you are unvaccinated, haven’t had your booster, or are in a high-risk category,” the health authority said.

This measure includes the use of a mask in stores, offices, building entrances, elevators and, in general, any other place where space is shared with unknown people.

For their part, in the subway and the rest of the New York transportation system, they continue to require the use of the mask for all passengers.

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