New York pizzeria is named the best in the entire United States

New York City has the best pizzeria in the United States, according to the Italian guide 50 Top Pizza 2022. The list is updated yearly with the best Italian and world pizzerias without any style preference.

The number one place in the guide to the best pizzerias in the world is Una Pizza Napoletana by Anthony Mangieri, a pizzeria on the Lower East Side that recently reopened after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana from San Francisco won second place in the guide, and Ribalta NYC from New York ranked third.

The influential guide to the pizza industry uses anonymous inspectors to determine the top 50 pizzerias. They have considered the pizzeria as a whole, including service and cleaning.

“A Pizza Napoletana, a true Neapolitan embassy in the Big Apple”

The guide describes Anthony Mangieri as a true pioneer of the Neapolitan in New York. Experts point out that Mangieri pays attention to their pizzas’ yeast and therefore to the digestibility, selection of fresh and quality products, and impeccable service.

Una Pizza Napoletana also has tables of cold cuts and Neapolitan pastiera, which is a must, according to 50 Top Pizza.

“It is a lesson in humility, and I am full of gratitude,” Mangieri said. “Every day since I opened Una Pizza in 1996, I have had the dream of doing this job without compromise. We have been very blessed to do this and continue to learn and grow as a pizzeria and as pizza makers.”

At Una Pizza Napoletana, the focus has been on pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven with natural yeast. They knead the dough by hand, and only three pizzas are baked at a time. “Choosing to have a single location allows for an obsessive focus on every detail,” the pizzeria shares on its website.

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Mangieri makes her dough anew every day but changes his recipe daily “in hopes of landing on the perfect cake.”

With nine pizzerias on the list, New York City has the most places on the 2022 World’s 50 Best Pizza Places list.

The results were revealed during an award ceremony held on June 14 at La Devozione in New York City.