New York police officer who stripped his boss receives juicy donations

It was in December of last year that a video which showed a woman doing striptease a man went viral on social media.

The reason why the clip became more relevant was because the protagonists were a NYPD and his superior during a corporation inn.

“I tend to go after what I want and I don’t stop until I get it. If I am going to fail. I get up and try again, “said the female after what was raised.

“Success does not come without failure. I learned at a very young age that success, wealth, and opportunity are not simply given or given to you, they are earned; earned by hard work and the time you put in. I have tackled every task, every obstacle that came my way. I like to help others and I always put others before myself,” he added.

After the controversy that arose, the woman has gained worldwide fame thanks to her photos that she shares, which could soon reach the popular platform onlyfans.

And it is that the fans of Vera Mekuli She has been encouraged to create her account on the adult content page after the postcards she has uploaded on Instagram.

Even your profile lists your accounts CashApp Y we sellwhich it offers as a way to donate to your bank account.

The thousands of dollars have arrived in his account, so he accepted that his next step would be to reach one of the most important sources of income at the moment.

The 26-year-old has apologized, but was suspended without pay this year for her statement against the New Jersey State Police regarding a family member’s arrest for drunk driving.

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