Newlyweds get divorced for a song in the middle of a wedding party

A newlywed couple achieved an unusual record by becoming the shortest marriage in Baghdad, Iraq. It should be noted that the divorce occurred when the now ex-lovers enjoyed a great celebration for having united their lives, in which the entire family of both was present.

The end of their bond as husband and wife occurred because the bride asked the DJ to play a song so she could dance to it in front of all her guests. This theme is called ‘Mesaytara’, it is performed by the Syrian singer Lamis Kan and whose title translates as dominant.

“Yes, I am dominant, you are my piece of sugar. As long as you are with me, you will walk under my orders, ”says part of the song.

According to information compiled by the British newspaper Mirror, the family showed their displeasure upon hearing the lyrics of the song and immediately began a dispute, which ended in the couple’s sudden divorce. This is not the first time that Lamis Khan’s ‘Mesaytara’ has ended a marriage, as a similar case occurred in Jordan.

Woman divorces after 3 minutes; her husband insulted her

The woman was divorced within three minutes of getting married; she did not and would not tolerate her husband insulting her. Various studies indicate that a divorce can be overcome between 6 months and 2 years.

This peculiar divorce reminds us of that woman who separated from her husband after three minutes of marriage because he insulted her. As AmericanPost.News mentioned to you, the today divorcee was originally from Kuwait and she made this decision because her ex-partner insulted her in front of the judge and her other guests after tripping.

Let’s remember that this unusual event occurred in 2019 but for some strange reason it has gone viral on the Internet during these last days, which has caused a strong debate to arise. Some assure that she did well not to bear the mistreatment of her now ex-husband while others mention that she exaggerated.

What is the main reason for a divorce?

Various studies indicate that a divorce can be overcome between 6 months and 2 years.

You must know that The divorce occurs mainly due to lack of emotional commitment to one another and the lack of willingness to attend to the expectations or needs of the partner, Between other reasons. Likewise, it has been revealed that the pandemic has put thousands of marriages in crisis.

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