Neymar uses NASA compression boot technology “Normatec” to accelerate recovery from his ankle injury

The Brazilian striker uploaded a post to Instagram in which he shows the latest generation boot through which he tries to speed up his treatment and reach the round of 16.

Neymar posted images showing the state of his right ankle in full recovery to arrive in time to play in the round of 16 of the World Cup. Among the Instagram photos appears one showing off a compression boot, a device used by the striker since his time at Barcelona and with which he accelerates recovery times.

The CBF physiotherapy team has this NASA technology, and it has the function of speeding up treatment. It can be used for both muscular injuries and orthopedic problems, which is the case now. The compression boot combines three different massage techniques, which activate blood circulation. It stimulates venous return, reduces swelling, and relieves pain. It also reduces muscle fatigue, eliminates accumulated lactic acid and cramps, and improves soft tissue and bone healing.

In any case, Neymar is out for the match against Switzerland and is not expected for the match against Cameroon that closes the group stage. The CBF does not want to take the slightest risk with its star player, whom it will keep and pamper to be able to use him in the round of 16 if he is well. Tite has already said that he is convinced he will count on the PSG player in the World Cup. For the time being, he will have to think of alternatives.