Neymar’s rumored infidelity resurfaces with an alleged video of him enjoying the company of two women

Neymar faces infidelity rumors amidst Bruna Biancardi's pregnancy; couple possibly in open relationship, discretion questioned.

A few couples garner attention in the world of sports and celebrities, like the one formed by Neymar and Bruna Biancardi. The couple’s history is fraught with ups and downs. They began dating in 2021 and engaged in January 2022 but faced a breakup in August 2022, triggered by rumors of Neymar’s infidelity.

Bruna’s public statement on Instagram at the time emphasized there was no cheating, but the couple’s past makes the recent events even more intriguing.

Now, with the anticipated arrival of their daughter just a month away, recent events have once again fueled speculation regarding the stability of their relationship. Neymar, currently under a lucrative contract with Al Hilal, was spotted at Bresh, a party in multiple cities globally. Videos of the evening, shared on LeoDias’s Instagram profile, show Neymar enjoying the company of two women. This has inevitably led to whispers of potential infidelity.

Are Neymar and Bruna in an open relationship?

However, not all might be as it seems. Em Off, a well-regarded source, suggests that Neymar’s escapades might not concern Biancardi. According to the Brazilian portal, the couple may be in an open relationship, allowing such interactions. This wouldn’t be surprising given Em Off’s previous disclosures about their unique relationship terms, including that Neymar couldn’t publicly appear with other women.

Nevertheless, one of the stipulations allegedly set by the influencer for Neymar is discretion. A condition that, as recent headlines suggest, may not be fully adhered to, given the frequent reports of his late-night revelries.

The video has been posted on LeoDias’ Instagram profile, and it sees the player having a great time at the party, which has led to new speculation about possible infidelity.