Nicki Minaj makes Jessie J ugly and humiliates her with this message: “I didn’t ask to collaborate with you”

The good opinion that Jessie J I had until now of Nicky minaj, with whom he shared a leading role in the issue ‘Bang Bang’ from 2014, it might have completely changed after reading your last tweet.

In a recent interview, The British singer assured that she felt as if she had won the lottery when they announced that the rapper was interested in participating in the song, that she was recording at the time with Ariana Grande. According to his version of events, he did not even need to be asked if he wanted to collaborate with them, since it was Nicki who decided to join the project after someone made him listen to the unfinished single.

I will never forget. I was in my London apartment room, and they sent me the Nicki version. I sat on the bed with the phone in my hand and staring at the floor. I said to myself, ‘Is this really happening?’Jessie explained to Glamor magazine to clarify that this had been one of the great honors of her career.

For some unknown reason, Nick has felt the need to end his illusion by explaining that things did not happen exactly like that in the most public way possible.

Jessie, honey, I didn’t listen to the song and asked to be included. The record company asked me to appear on it and paid me to do it“, Has assured him on Twitter. “How could I have heard the song differently? What am I supposed to be? A tracker who spends her day searching for new songs?“.

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