Nicola Porcella and Sergio Mayer: Fans Divided over First La Casa de los Famosos Mexico Elimination

Celebrity eviction drama unfolds on social media as La Casa de los Famosos Mexico fans rally for their favorites.

La Casa de los Famosos Mexico has started with a great force since after the start of transmissions last June 4 by Las Estrellas, the public’s love or disdain will define what will happen this Sunday 11 after Poncho de Nigiris was saved from his nomination by Apio Quijano’s decision but Internet users voted for Sergio Mayer, Nicola Porcella, Marie Claire Harp and Jorge Losa, being one of those celebrities who will no longer be able to return to the popular reality show of Televisa that has conquered the social networks.

Hours before knowing the result and the first big twist in the history of the first edition of the popular franchise that has taken over the San Angel TV station, Internet users and fans of the popular reality show Televisa has begun to make public their votes and intentions on which celebrity they want to see out of the most controversial house in Mexico, as on platforms like Facebook and Twitter thousands have revealed their vote.

Although 5 stars had been selected, the direct salvation of the member of the pop group Kabah to the actor romantically related to Irma Serrano, La Tigresa, the strategies of the followers have based their choice under the argument of not losing the dynamics that have entertained them in a great way during their first days.

Nicola Porcella would be saved by fans of Wendy Guevara

Wendy Guevara solicitó a su gran número de fans votar para salvar a  Nicola Porcella
(Ig: @nicolaporcella12) (Ig: @soywendyguevaraoficial)
Wendy Guevara asked many fans to vote to save Nicola Porcella (Ig: @nicolaporcella12) (Ig: @soywendyguevaraoficial).

“Everything we do here is a joke, I mean, I do like it, and it’s nice, but I’m not like, ‘güey, I want something with Nicola,’ I mean it’s a joke, I’m not so pend…. in two days”, had expressed the member of Las Perdidas in the past days, however, she looked for a camera and her partner to ask her great fandom to vote in favor of saving him, something that has been reflected in the statistics that exist in fan groups on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

For this reason, the Peruvian-born celebrity would save himself from being eliminated this Sunday, June 11, in the gala Galilea Montijo hosted on Televisa’s main channel, Las Estrellas.

Sergio Mayer: the divided vote of the fans

Although many consider that San Ángel’s decision to include him was wrong, the duo he constantly makes with Poncho de Nigris or Wendy Guevara has also favored him in a notorious way on social networks so that he would be the big hype of the elimination gala.

El actor fue nominado por los integrantes de la casa 
(Captura de pantalla/Instagram)
The actor was nominated by the members of the house (Screenshot/Instagram).

Between Marie Claire Harp and Jorge Losa would be the elimination.

Under the idea that both celebrities have been “furniture” in the first week of confinement of the popular reality show, the balance has made it clear that one would not return to see the rest of his companions.

How to vote in “La Casa de Los Famosos”

1.- You must enter the official website of “La Casa de los Famosos México” ( or use the QR Code that will appear during the galas. This point is of utmost importance since you can only cast your vote during this period.

Click on the “Voting” section on the official page, where the scanned code or the indications given when entering manually will direct you to the page.

3.- Select the participant you want to vote for.

Marie no se ha ganado el cariño de los televidentes 
(Captura de pantalla/La Casa de los Famosos)
Marie has not won the affection of the viewers (Screenshot/La Casa de los Famosos)

4.- Click on Send Vote according to the photo of the celebrity selected to nominate or save from each weekly installment.

It is important to clarify that those viewers who have a subscription to ViX+, a streaming space where the 24/7 cameras and “Sin Censura” spaces will also be broadcasted, will be able to cast their vote up to 10 times, being a privilege that Televisa will give to the fans who join its digital platform and live the full experience of seeing what their stars do inside the most famous house in Mexico.