Nicolas Cage and his wife Riko Shibata are expecting their first baby

Nicolas Cage, 58, and Riko Shibata, 27, are expecting a baby.

Photo: TOMMASO BODDI / Getty Images

About to celebrate your first wedding anniversary, Nicolas Cage Y Riko shibata have received in advance the best possible gift: they are going to become parents.

Nicolas shocked the entire world when he announced in February last year that he had been married in an intimate ceremony at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas to Riko, who is thirty years his junior.

“It is true, and we are very happy,” Cage confessed in a statement to People magazine.

In addition, the date chosen for the event had a special meaning for the actor because “my late father’s birthday was honored,” he said.

Now the couple confirmed to the same medium that is expecting a baby. This is the first for Riko and the third for the famous movie star, who has an adult son with his ex, Christina Fulton, and another teenager with his third wife, Alice Kim.

Both Kim and 16-year-old Kal-El wanted to accompany Nicolas on his last wedding, which shows that they are still a very close family. Interestingly, the actor’s first-born, Weston Coppola Cage, is four years older than Shibata, who is only 27.

On the other hand, Cage is delighted at the prospect of repeating parenting experience at 58., as mentioned by his representative to People.

The couple’s love story could well serve as a script for a Hollywood movie, as it is full of curiosities and atypical situations.

Riko and Nicolas met before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, when he was on vacation in Japan.

After six months without seeing each other due to confinement, the actor asked her to marry him through FaceTime. When she accepted, Nicolas had an engagement ring made up of black diamonds mailed.

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