Nicolas Cage and the strange reason why he called his son Superman

A day like today, but in 1964, he was born Nicolas Cage, who has been characterized by having luxurious and “particular” tastes that have made him stand out from the rest. However, these tastes are not only limited to properties, cars, well They have led him to change his surname to a more “special” one and to name his son in honor of Superman. Read on for the details!

Despite the fact that for years the famous actor has gone by the name Nicolas Cage, this is not his real last name; his birth name is Nicolas Kim Coppola. It was a few decades ago that he decided to change it not only to escape the burden he carried on his shoulders as the nephew of the famous director Francis Ford Coppola, but also for his admiration for Marvel superhero Luke Cage.

And although the idea of ​​changing his last name to that of a superhero sounds far-fetched to some, for Nicolas it was the opposite. He even made it a family tradition, since when he became a father he chose a name for his son in honor of Superman.

According to the actor who is celebrating his 58th birthday today, named one of his two sons “Kal-El”, the original name of Clark Kent, ensuring that it is a symbol of goodness, originality and the United States of America.

His passion for the world of superheroes has also led him to acquire dozens of collectibles that have cost him a fortune, but which he is not afraid to show off.

One of his most famous acquisitions was the first original copy of “Superman” for 130 thousand dollars, a piece that in turn sold for 1.7 million when it was ruined.

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