Nicole Kidman appears dressed as a “schoolgirl” in a magazine and receives criticism

Nicole Kidman has generated a lot of controversy on social media after appearing on the vanity fair magazine cover during the “28th Annual Hollywood Issue”. Since in the image, the actress appears dressed as a “schoolgirl” something that has made her the target of multiple criticisms.

We know that Nicole at 54 years of age maintains a spectacular body, which she has achieved thanks to a strict healthy life made up of exercise and good nutrition. So on the cover she appears in a scandalous outfit of a pleated mini skirt and a mini top, coordinated with high stockings and loafers.

As we inform you in AmericanPost.NewsNicole Kidman is nominated for an Oscar for the film “Being The Ricardos”, for which the actress appears in the magazine along with other nominated actors such as Kristen Stewart, Penelope Cruz and Idris Elba.

Why was Nicole Kidman’s cover criticized?

The actress received criticism for her look/Photo: Instagram Nicole has been nominated for an Oscar Award again/Photo: Farándula Mundial

Internauts They filled the daring cover of the actress with negative comments for two reasons: the first was because some believe that the editors of Vanity Fair they used “too much” photoshop to retouch Nicole’s abdomen, something that is unnecessary since the famous has an impressive toned figure.

While others criticized Kidman for the costume choice, as many were against the hypersexualized version typical schoolgirl attire. So far, the cover photo has more than 250 thousand likes on Nicole Kidman’s Instagram account, where she has more than 8 million followers.

What is Nicole Kidman doing today?

Nicole has been nominated for the Oscar Award again/Photo: Farándula Mundial

Currently Kidman has been nominated for several awards for his performance in the film “Being The Ricardos”, a film directed by Aaron Sorkin that narrates the life of the couple formed by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

Who are going through a personal and professional crisis that endangers their prestigious careers in Hollywood. Nicole Kidman appears in this film with the actor Javier Bardem.

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