Nicole Kidman started smoking to play Lucille Ball in the film “Being the Ricardos”

Nicole Kidman.

Photo: Valerie Macon / AFP / Getty Images

Like so many stars who have chosen to temporarily change their lifestyle to immerse themselves in their characters and, hopefully, win at least one nomination for the Oscar, the actress Nicole Kidman revealed now that he was not too shy about starting to smoke to bring realism and credibility to his character from Lucille ball in “Being the Ricardos”, a film that co-stars with Javier Bardem.

“They decided that Lucy needed to have a very deep, smoking voice, so I started smoking. If I warm my voice for a minute, I can imitate her voice perfectly “, explained the actress in conversation with DuJour Magazine. In addition to showing that, at 54, he still is willing to live new experiences – no matter how harmful – in order to develop as an actress, the Australian star also reflected on the impact that the passage of the years has had on his Hollywood profile.

“There is a consensus in this industry that basically says that an actress, once past the barrier of 40, is finished. It is true that it has never happened to me that they tell you: ‘You have exceeded your expiration date’. But it is true that on occasions they have hit you with the door in your face and have rejected you directly, ”said Nicole.

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