Nina Rubín celebrates her XV years of age and shows off her majestic dress

Much emotion is what he feels Nina rubin At the moment, since she is celebrating her XV years and she did so through a photo where she is seen wearing her spectacular dress worthy of a true princess, as well as a very special makeup to celebrate this day.

In the photo you can see the youngest daughter of Andrea Legarreta posing on her back with a lot of style, she also used well-formed waves of hair which were worthy of the outfit that the Mexican actress also wore, who launched a few words on her Instagram account, where she thanked for the arrival of her XV years.

Today is a beautiful day in which I have the fortune to live one more year in this life, and what better way than to do it accompanied by my loved ones who are the most important and valuable gift I have. Thank you for accompanying me in every step of this beautiful path of laughter, joy, tears, learning, growth, love and much more, he says at the beginning of his message.

Another thing that Nina Rubín’s fans noticed is that the dress was made by various designers, since both the skirt and the pearls were from different fashion personalities, and like her older sister Mía Rubín there are several brands that almost always want to dress these two young women who are sweeping the show business to the max.

One of the things that Nina Rubín’s fans liked the most about the dress is the cream or beige color that she chose, because it made her beauty stand out in a big way, and many people came to mind when Mía Rubín, her sister, too He turned XV in a very simple way, but with a lot of class.

“Happy birthday @ninarubinl the best for you at this stage! Hug”, “Happy birthday pretty I wish that God Bless you and allow you many years to fulfill the desire of your heart, have a very nice time, a hug @ninarubinl”, “Precious May God bless you, I always send you thousands of kisses and hugs from a distance, I hope you have a great time on this day, “they write to Nina Rubín in the photo.

It is worth mentioning that Nina Rubín’s parents decided to cancel the big celebration for their two daughters due to pandemic reasons, as they consider that the situation is still very critical.

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