Nine high-risk “fireworks” banned in Chetumal

The City Council of Othón P. Blanco prohibited the sale of nine gadgets that are considered to be risk in case they are maneuvered by minors during the current holiday season, in which they estimate the mishaps.

In addition, the Secretary General of the City Council, Adrián Sánchez Domínguez, assured that they only granted 120 permits for the sale of pyrotechnics, although with the prohibition that contains explosive material.

In this sense, he explained that he has already awarded 55, whose sellers will be supervised permanently by the Municipal Directorate of Civil protection.

These permits are due to the holiday season, where by tradition these types of products are used, mainly for the 12th, 24th and 31st.

He insisted that the beneficiaries go through an exhaustive review by the Civil Protection Directorate, to guarantee that the products they sell are not explosive.

He explained that nine products that are considered high risk are prohibited if they are handled by minors.

They ban nine explosives

Nine high-risk “fireworks” are prohibited in Chetumal.

He specified that the prohibited products are cheeks, butterflies, hulk, popcorn, firecrackers, rockets, tiger claw, R15 and the so-called Devil’s face.

It is about preventing accidents or unfortunate events, verifying that the pyrotechnics for sale do not contain gunpowder, which can damage the health and integrity of citizens.

The Secretary of the City Council invited the population to report any irregularity that they could detect, and not be involved in the purchase or sale of explosives.

He pointed out that the pyrotechnic vendors can only be in the vicinity of the municipal markets, the Esplanade of the Flag and in some shopping malls.