Ninel Conde confesses that she is broken inside and out, but her best therapy is the scenarios

10 days after the escape of Larry Ramos, Ninel Conde she’s determined to get on with her life, but even though feels broken inside and out consider that singing in front of your audience will be the best therapy.

After Larry Ramos, Ninel Conde’s partner, escaped from justice in the United States, the actress and singer shared with her social media followers a message in which she confesses that returning to the stage and being in front of her audience is a dream come true, so that she is eager to step back into that magical place that she wished for since she was a child.

However, he confessed that you are not having a good time on a personal level, so she asked her fans to accompany her and help her heal.

“God allows me to return to the stage at this time that although I am broken inside and out … He allows me to heal and get toooooodo in these shows that will be unforgettable. I don’t want to imagine what these shows will be. If I cry, they give me a tequila! I wait for you and love you! ”.

“El Bombón Asesino” accepts that after becoming famous she had to pay a high price since she no longer had the right to her privacy and has faced cruel accusations “as if being wrong was not a condition of all human beings“, But despite this she is willing to endure mockery to get ahead once again:” When Jesus was unjustly crucified, he did not say a single word to defend himself, being a sinless man. He should be our example that even that woman that everyone wanted to stone; He wisely said, ‘Let the one who is free from sin lift the first stone.’

The actress also said she learned her lesson, so from now on she will only focus on seeking her own good.

“Yes… late, but it is learned and it is valid. You go on your way and look into your eyes to heaven … There will always be a loving father who will shake your hand no matter how many times you have made a mistake, even for love or for a good end in your life: if people do not understand it … yes and that’s enough ”.

This is not the first time that the famous woman shares with her followers some reflection of this type, since a few days ago she published several images of moments on the beach posing in a bikini and on stage, with which she was optimistic in the face of the adversities that You are going through the legal situation of your romantic partner.

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