Ninel Conde did not appear at a concert; did not complete the advance

Singer Ninel Count continues to publicize her talent in singing, but last weekend the fans expected to have the presence of the famous in the concert “Taco and Michelada Fest” in Lynwood, California, but “The murderous bombon” did not attend the event for a strong reason.

What is it about? In American Post News We share the details with you, because the famous commented that she did not appear at that place because they did not comply with what was agreed, in the same way they indicated that some artists commented that the event did not have the expected attendance.

It is worth mentioning that prior to the event in Lynwood, California, “The Killer Bonbon” wasted sensuality from the beach, as she has been very active on Instagram sharing some photos of the places she visits.

Ninel Conde did not receive 50% of the advance for the event

The singer did not attend the event in California The before and after the famous

The TVNotas medium announced that the conditions were not met so that the famous could travel, in the same way they did not complete the 50% advance payment for the date. On the other hand, some artists indicated that people did not attend the event because of the lack of advertising Y bad logistics.

While Yvonne Montero he did appear at the festival and thanked the public present. On the other hand, it was the first time that event was held, which spanned two days and lasted from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.

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one piece

How many operations has Ninel Conde had?

The before and after of the famous

Without a doubt, the before and after of the singer Ninel Conde continues to be a topic of conversation, they assure that the artist has undergone several aesthetic adjustments; The nose was operated, the bust was increased, liposuctions, liposculptures have been performed and the buttocks have been lifted.

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