Ninel Conde receives negative comments about her face and needs to be told that she changed “sex”

Singer Ninel Conde has not stopped receiving negative comments for some timeAnd it is that not all of them are related to his work or the link he recently has with his little son, who also lives with his father.

The 45-year-old Mexican has made the determination on certain occasions to make some cosmetic touch-ups, and it is that countless Internet users do not agree with these processes to which some artists decide to submit.

In the case of the also actress, on several occasions, some users of the social network of the camera have expressed that her face is no longer the same, since they believe that the excesses of changes in her face have been changing little by little with each process.

“I do not clarify gossip, they always say. Unfortunately there are certain media that (do not tell the truth). Sometimes there is no longer credibility, then“, he added in ‘El Gordo y La Flaca.

The only thing missing is that they say that I changed sex, then I will say: ‘yes, I am a man‘” he explained.

In turn, ‘The killer bombon’ spoke of the situation he is going through with his son, since Giovanni Medina is the one who has parental authority over the child. He stressed that it is a complex process for her, although he is learning to live with it so that he does not take the smile off her face.

“I am happy, in another stage of my life, obviously you know what is there, what I am with faith in God and waiting for God’s times to accommodatethat’s the only thing that confronts me with my emotions, but from then on, if you can survive something as strong as a woman, as a mother, and the rest is peccata minute, “he said.

Conde added that he does not doubt the fact that each experience that occurs along the way is to leave a great learning.

“We are going to trust in the process and, for a reason, things happen, so that one sometimes grows as a person and, well, God doesn’t wrap me up and hug me. It will be a great blessing, but they still won’t let me,” he said.

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