Ninel Conde Reportedly Marrying Colombian Man 17 Years Her Junior Today in Secret New York Wedding

Ninel Conde, 47, marries a 30-year-old Colombian man in New York City, marking her third marriage since her 2020 separation from Larry Ramos.

According to exclusive reports from Mexican entertainment journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante, Mexican singer and actress Ninel Conde is reportedly getting married today, November 15th, to a 30-year-old Colombian man in New York City.

Marriage Will Be Conde’s Third Overall and First Since 2020 Separation From Former Husband Larry Ramos

This latest wedding will be 47-year-old Conde’s third marriage overall. She was first married to Mexican actor Ari Telch from 1998 to 2000. Her second marriage was to businessman Juan Zepeda from 2007 to 2013.

Conde was most recently married to Colombian businessman Larry Ramos. The two held a symbolic wedding ceremony in October 2020 despite conflicting reports on whether they ever legally wed. In September 2021, Ramos removed his court-ordered ankle monitor and disappeared while awaiting trial for fraud, embezzlement, and Ponzi scheme charges. Conde and Ramos separated amid his legal troubles, with their marriage lasting less than a year.

Ninel Conde, singer. (Mario Jasso / Cuartoscuro)
Ninel Conde, singer. (Mario Jasso / Cuartoscuro)

Groom’s Identity Remains a Mystery, But He is 17 Years Conde’s Junior

While Infante did not reveal Conde’s new Colombian groom’s name or background details, he shared that the man is 30 years old, making him 17 years younger than the bride.

Infante claims the couple has been living together in a luxurious New York home, so Conde has not been seen publicly in Mexico for some time.

Small, Private Ceremony Expected, But Conde Has Not Confirmed or Denied Reports

Given her pattern of secrecy around relationships, Conde is expected to keep her latest wedding small and private. As of this reporting, the singer has not addressed or verified reports of her third marriage.

Conde’s romantic history is defined by discretion and scandal in equal measure. With past husbands Zepeda and Ramos both becoming embroiled in legal issues after their splits from Conde, she may be especially wary of publicly addressing her latest relationship until necessary.

Conde No Stranger to Relationship Drama and Controversy

The prominent Mexican entertainer’s love life has been rife with drama over the past three decades in the public eye.

Her first marriage to Telch ended quickly, with their union lasting two years. While their split was not surrounded by scandal, the same cannot be said for Conde’s subsequent relationships.

Conde accused her second husband, Juan Zepeda, of stealing money from her, leading to his imprisonment for seven years.

On the same topic:

Larry Ramos brought further tumult to Conde’s love life, with his ongoing fraud case and mysterious disappearance generating headlines. Conde became embroiled in Ramos’ legal issues as details of his financial misdeeds emerged.

Beyond her married relationships, Conde has been locked in a bitter custody battle over her son with ex Giovanni Medina for years.

Larry Ramos and Ninel Conde (Agencia México)
Larry Ramos and Ninel Conde (Agencia México)

History of Falling for Younger Men

If reports are true, Conde’s new husband continues her pattern of becoming involved with younger men. Her first husband, Telch, was eight years older than her, but her subsequent romantic partners have all been significantly younger.

Her second husband, Zepeda, was seven years younger than Conde, while Ramos was 11 years her junior. Her mysterious new groom tops them all at 17 years younger than the actress.

Conde Known for Luxurious Lifestyle

Throughout the ups and downs of her relationships, Conde has maintained her career as one of Mexico’s most prominent entertainers. She is known for living a luxurious, glamorous lifestyle.

If she were truly based in New York with her new love, it would mark a major shift for the star who spent most of her life in Mexico.

Giovanni Medina and Ninel Conde (Agencia México)
Giovanni Medina and Ninel Conde (Agencia México)

Speculation About Surprise Marriage Announcement Soon

Conde is no stranger to surprise relationship news, having kept several major romances under wraps until they reached the marriage stage.

If Infante’s reporting proves accurate, fans can likely expect an official announcement from Conde in the coming days about her third trip down the aisle.

At 47 and still taking risks in love, the resilient Conde seems unlikely to slow down her eventful romantic life anytime soon. Wherever this latest relationship leads, she will likely continue pursuing passion and drama, befitting her bold persona.