Ninel Conde turns on the nets with a risky look, at her birthday party

Ninel Conde once again showed that she doesn’t care about the criticism she receives. She was very happy enjoying her early birthday party, where she showed off her cleavage in a silver dress that left very little to the imagination.

In American Post News, we let you know that the actress celebrated her birthday in advance, accompanied by her closest friends, with whom she enjoyed a night of partying.

Let’s remember that Ninel Conde, in recent years, has given much to talk about in showbiz gossip due to her physical change, for which she has received a lot of criticism.

Ninel Conde paralyzes the networks.

Ninel Conde celebrates her birthday in advance.

Ninel Conde showed off part of her party at a nightclub and showed off in a silver dress with gold sparkles, with a pair of long necklines both in the front and back, with which she once again drove the networks crazy.

To complement her look, she used accessories such as silver and gold bracelets and long round earrings in silver.

Ninel Conde on Instagram.

The singer and actress wore her hair long and wavy, as she usually does, and with discreet makeup, where her eyes stood out.

Ninel Conde surgeries

Ninel Conde receives criticism for her aesthetic arrangements.

In recent months Ninel Conde has been the target of much criticism due to her aesthetic changes, which have been considered “excessive.”

In response, the singer and actress have assured that she does not give importance to the opinions of others: “The only thing missing is that they say that I changed my sex, then I will say: ‘yes, I am a man,” she said.

Ninel Conde will be 46 years old on September 29th and continues to impress with her spectacular figure.