Ninel Conde unleashes criticism and is compared to Lyn May for her “arrangements”

Singer Ninel Count He gave something to talk about again for his new appearance, as Internet users have commented, and in AmericanPost.News We share the video that has divided opinions, some say that “The killer bombon” looks like the daughter of Lyn May.

It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time that the artist has been compared to the vedette, since the 69-year-old actress underwent several cosmetic surgeries to improve her physical appearance because in the past they injected edible oil into her face, which caused harsh consequences.

On the other hand, at the time, the users remembered how the face of the “Bombón assassin” looked like in his youth, since the change of before and after is surprising, so Internet users recently commented that the singer was very pretty and it did not need so many aesthetic fixes.

Users criticize Ninel Conde for her physical appearance

Through the Instagram account of “Gossip No Like” they shared a video of the famous, and that has been harshly criticized by several, what caught the attention was its strange appearance, because of this the criticism did not wait.

Users commented on the following: “Sad, she was very pretty”, “Her mouth is already old”, “Her obsession with surgeries since she was young, the only thing she has achieved is to make her face older than it is”, “What fear looks like a Halloween mask”, “What an ugly face it has”. There were some reactions.

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How many partners has Ninel Conde had?

The famous has had several suitors

The love life of the singer Ninel Conde has been a scandal, she married Ari Telch, had a courtship with José Manuel Figueroa. She later married Juan Zepeda but divorced her, and she had a chance with Giovanni Medina, but later she started an affair with Larry Ramos.

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