Nintendo Switch exceeds 100 million units sold

Nintendo has sold 103.54 million units of the switch since its launch in 2017. With this brand it has surpassed the sales of the Wiiwhich was its most popular home console, with 101.63 million units sold since its launch in 2006.

In the last quarter of 2021, Nintendo shipped 10.67 million Switch consoles, and although it was 8% less than the same period of 2020, it was enough to exceed the 100 million goal.

In contrast, Sony only sold 3.9 million units of the PS5 in the same period. The Nintendo Switch became the most successful Nintendo console in less than five years, but only if we talk about the desktop format.

Nintendo Switch looks to overtake Game Boy

Nintendo Switch exceeds 100 million units sold

The Nintendo DS is Nintendo’s best-selling console, handheld and overall, with 154.02 million units since its launch in 2004. The Switch is looking to surpass the original Game Boy’s 118.69 million, and then catch up with the Nintendo DS.

According to information released by the specialized portal Xataka, as a curious fact, the Nintendo Switch has sold more than all the Wii U games sold in its history.

However, experts predict a complicated scenario for the Japanese video game company, because the shortage of chipsets will make it difficult for Nintendo, as well as for PlayStation.

How many Switch consoles were sold?

Nintendo Switch exceeds 100 million units sold

The company has cut its sales expectations for the fiscal year ending in March to 23 million units of Switch consoles, from a projected 24 million units in November, itself a revision from an initial 25.5 million.

According to Daniel Ahmad, renowned analyst of the video game market, the milestone of the surprising sales of the Nintendo Switch has served not only to surpass the Wii but also the original PlayStation.

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