Nirvana wins child pornography lawsuit, judge files case

A judge in California, United States, rejected the case that Spencer Elden had presented, the one that as a child appeared on the classic cover of Nirvana’s album “Nevermind” (1991), for which Nirvana wins a child pornography lawsuit against him .

The magistrate, Fernando M. Olguin explained Elden did not present his response to the request of the former members and heirs of Nirvana in time, consequently he agreed with the defense.

Now the plaintiff has 10 days from the court decision to file a new lawsuit, and the judge was open to reconsidering the case and perhaps changing his mind. Nirvana previously won a copyright lawsuit.

Nirvana wins child pornography lawsuit

As an adult, the baby on the cover of Nirvana has recreated the photograph. Spencer Elden sued the gang and Nirvana wins child pornography lawsuit.

After giving 10 days to file a new lawsuit, Judge Fernando M. Olguin said that if in that period of time “The boy of Nirvana” does not file his lawsuit again, the case is ultimately dismissed and Elden will not be able to file another lawsuit.

Nirvana wins child pornography lawsuit, but Spencer Elden charged the band in his original child pornography lawsuit on an intentional and commercial basis, in addition to using his image to promote the band.

Elden argued that the defendants still continue to profit from “the commercialization of sexual exploitation” of the then baby for what he says suffered a lot of damage.

But it became known that as a teenager and as an adult, he has recreated photography himself, but in front of the press he has shown a certain dislike for being recognized for it.

Who did Spencer Elden accuse?

Spencer Elden sued the gang and Nirvana wins child pornography lawsuit.

Spencer Elden sued Nirvana for a case of child pornography, in that he demands compensation for “the damages he has suffered and will continue to suffer for life”, because the cover of “Nevermind” shows a baby diving in the pool next to a one dollar bill. dollar.

Nirvana wins child pornography lawsuit and as for the defendants they were:

  • Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic, original members of the band.
  • Kirk Weddle, who was the cover photographer for “Nevermind”
  • Courtney Love as heir to Kurt Cobain’s estate.
  • Chad Channing who was a drummer for Nirvana at the beginning.

But what is more bizarre is the fact that Channing left the band in 1990, before the cover that triggered the lawsuit appeared.

In the case of “Nevermind” the songs are characterized by anguish, anger and sadness, it was a rock album, a wounded rock that accompanied, as a soundtrack, a revolution.

Thus, Spencer Elden sued the band and Nirvana wins a lawsuit for child pornography and has a few days to say whether or not to resume it.

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