Niurka assures that Irina Baeva did not destroy Gabriel Soto’s marriage and has proof

La Casa de Los Famosos 2, continues to give something to talk about, because Niurka, 54 years old, once again spoke about a subject that is still controversial in the entertainment world, it is about Gabriel Soto’s ex-marriage with Geraldine Bazán , because he made it clear that this relationship had ended a long time ago.

And it all started because Laura Bozzo complained to the Cuban about why she attacked her when she talked about Irina Baeva, so Niurka immediately told the driver that Irina Baeva was not a husband remover as she has been told in the past, because when the blonde was with Gabriel Soto, he was no longer with the mother of his daughters.

Niurka said that all the entertainment world already knew that the marriage between the two no longer existed, but apparently the public thought that Irina Baeva she did get into the relationship between the two of them, something that Niurka made clear that nothing you see, because she herself spoke with Geraldine Bazán herself when they were no longer anything.

That relationship of this person, of the gentleman, of the boy of the gallant ended because I know it, nobody told me, all the show business knows it, but I know it because I was there and I talked about it with the ex here next to me, because I talked with her, that relationship ended a shitload ago, but very, very, “Niurka told Laura Bozzo.

As if that were not enough, the Peruvian driver said again that she did not speak ill of Irina Baeva as everyone believes, because she only said that for her the actress does not represent her as a woman, a situation that generated chaos and even caused a lawsuit by said couple against Laura Bozzo who was always on the side of Geraldine Bazán in the face of the alleged scandal.

“And the Niurka who doesn’t want to distort reality or make Gabriel and Irina saints either.
Gabriel and Irina did wrong, period and God knows if they pay it or not”, “But how does Niurka say that the relationship was already over, if in the long video that Geraldine commented on, she herself said that she asked Gabriel if was he with her when he saw them at the theater and he denied it and then said it was a mistake? And then he reported that Irina commanded “, write the networks.

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