Niurka caused controversy again; they denounce cheating in La Casa de Los Famosos

Niurkaone of the most controversial inhabitants in The House of the Famouswas recently nominated by some of her colleagues, after the lawsuits she has starred in with Laura Bozzo and Daniella Navarro, although the Venezuelan actress was also nominated.

And it is that, recently a user showed to the television station of Telemundo and branded them cheaters, as the Gossip No Like program announced, because the woman tried to vote for the Cuban vedette, but something happened on the television station’s website that did not allow it.

It is worth mentioning that in the entertainment news, we have let you know what has happened to the inhabitants, because things have gotten out of control inside the house and what has caused tension between the celebrities, has been the food and the challenges of the week

User shows favoritism to Niurka in The House of Celebrities

Elisa Beristain commented that the fanatic showed that on the website she could not vote for the Cuban to be the next eliminated from the project, since the famous is in her first nomination, the Cuban Niurka could be expelled from the reality show.

For their part, users commented that the program is fraud, they assured that the votes of the public do not count and that in the end the production chooses who should leave the project, while other Internet users mentioned that the same thing happened to them in the previous nomination.

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How to contact Niurka Marcos?

The Cuban has added more than a million followers on Instagram

Some users have questioned how to contact the Cuban Niurka, because the “allanstarpro” social account appears on her Instagram profile, as well as a phone number to contact her. It is worth mentioning that her Instagram profile appears as “niurka.oficial”.

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