Niurka could play the character of Carmen Salinas in ‘Aventurera’

The death of the first actress Carmen Salinas shook Latin America, because throughout its history it produced and participated in some of the most beloved stories for the public. Such was the case of the play “Aventurera”, where she gave life to the antagonistic character and who is in search of the actress who can interpret it, being Niurka Marcos one of the favorites. Keep reading to find out the details!

Let us remember that a few months ago, the productr Juan Osorio promised to give continuity to ‘Aventurera’ as a tribute to the deceased actress on December 9 due to conditions derived from the stroke he suffered.


This intention to continue with the project has led Niurka Marcos’s ex to begin the search for the cast for the new season of this play.

According to journalist Ana María Alvarado on her YouTube channel, Osorio would have already chosen the actress who will play “Rosaura”, the character that Carmen Salinas played in ‘Aventurera’. And she is nothing more and nothing less than “the scandal woman.”

It turns out that Niurka is going to play Carmen Salinas in this small and brief season. They are still seeing who is going to play the role of adventurer this season,” said the show’s communicator.

He also highlighted that Juan Osorio is sure that the public will be amazed by the Cuban’s interpretation: “Juan Osorio says that he is sure that we are going to be surprised by what Niurka is going to achieve; they are going to change her image, she is going to study political issues a lot, they are going to advise her on how to make jokes“, said.

Despite the stir that the news has caused, so far Niuka Marcos and Juan Osorio have kept a low profile and have not made any statement in this regard.

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