Niurka explodes against Lyn May for promoting the use of botox

Niurka explodes against Lyn May for promoting the use of botox

The self-styled “scandal woman”, Niurka Marcos, ruthlessly lashed out at Lyn may after he urged his followers to put botox on their faces to stay young, all this in order to promote the clinic where it is attended. What did the Cuban say? Here we tell you.

In an interview with various media during his arrival at the Mexico City Airport, the interpreter of Adventuress was questioned about Lyn May’s new tactic to motivate more people to use botox.

In this regard, Niurka Marcos stressed that it must be a mockery of herself: “Lyn May’s game is to go against traffic. Do you think that she has not seen herself in the mirror and knows that she is ugly?“He said in the talk resumed by the program Come joy.

“Obviously it goes against the traffic, she is laughing at herself and sarcastically laughs at people who bully herHe added. In addition, when asked if she would undergo a treatment like the controversial dancer, she indicated that: “I have my natural wrinkles like every human being.”

Niurka Marcos did not say goodbye to the cameras without first doubting that the woman of Chinese descent calls herself a star: “She was a fichera in her time, what was fashionable in her time was to dance little things like that (…) I am the mother of all who make the attempt to be one ”, he highlighted.

The statements of Juan Osorio’s ex come just a few days after Lyn May turned to her Instagram account to promote a facial treatment that had been performed recently: “Hello friends, I invite you (…) to put on botox. With Lyn May singing and dancing for all of you. I invite you to get pretty with the greatest security and professionalism, hearts ”.

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