From breast augmentation to intimate rejuvenation: Niurka Marcos and aesthetic surgeries

Get the inside scoop on Niurka Marcos' intimate journey. The Cuban vedette candidly opens up to Yordi Rosado about her vaginal rejuvenation surgery and the reasons behind it in a recent YouTube chat. Learn more about her surgical journey.

The scandal woman has done it again! Niurka Marcos decided to make public the number of cosmetic surgeries she has undergone, causing great impact on social networks after revealing what motivated her to have a vaginal rejuvenation, an intervention in high demand but very little mentioned due to criticism.

During the most recent chat, she had with Yordi Rosado for his YouTube channel, the Cuban vedette opened up about the surgical procedure she underwent 7 years ago. Although she had already mentioned that she was counting on it on other occasions, she expressed why she even preferred it over retouching her face.

This little skin you see here, wisdom gave it to me. This little cock’s feet that I have here were also given to me by the wisdom that I have, and it also gave me this beauty at the age of 55. The most important thing is that it gave me the privilege of being able to repair only what I choose,” the actress began.

The Cuban star assured that it does not bother her that people know her age (Photo: Instagram/@niurka.oficial)
The Cuban star assured that it does not bother her that people know her age (Photo: Instagram/@niurka.oficial)

The professional dancer shared more about vaginal rejuvenation, which according to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), is not a single process, but a set of operations that can be done in the intimate area of women.

Niurka Marcos emphasized that she did not do something to contract or elevate her v-zone because it has weakened or descended as a result of childbirth or natural aging internally but completely externally.

I chose to repair the ‘chochita’ because the truth is that it got really ugly; I left it fifteen years old. So many years of hard work for it to ‘go backward’ (Vaginoplasty), what laziness. It was just the face (labiaplasty),” she confessed.

“One day, I looked at myself and said, ‘no, moms, you’re fcked.’ If I present that to a guy, well, no. I have always communicated with my boyfriend. I’ve always communicated with my p***y, and that was like 7 years ago, but it’s still identical.”

Niurka Marcos
(Photo: Instagram/@niurka.oficial)
(Photo: Instagram/@niurka.oficial)

The “La Fea Más Bella” actress also added that she had increased her breasts on more than one occasion because, in her opinion, her breasts were not “big” enough as she wanted them to be. Although she has also reduced it, as she does it according to her “needs.”

“First, I put on to have because I had like two eggs, but fried. Then I put it on because I came to the show business, and I enlarged it to have and show off in the cleavage, and then it was to flirt,” she added.

This is not the first time Niurka talks about her intimate procedures

If anything characterizes ‘Mamá Niu,’ she is not afraid to say things without shame or embarrassment, as she did recently on Telemundo’s reality show.

During her participation at “La Casa de Los Famosos,” for the first time, the vedette talked about the subject after her companions questioned her about whether it was true that she had an operation to ‘become a virgin again,’ to which ‘La Mujer Escándalo’ responded as only she knows how.

“I had surgery on the face of my cho#$%&*,” said the Cuban, causing laughter from some of the members of ‘La Casa de Los Famosos.’

“My vaginal lips were reconstructed beautifully. They made me look like a quinceañera,” added Niurka and then gave more details about the process and recovery of the surgery.

“The recovery was very fast, with sanitary wipes, anti-inflammatory medication, and an antiseptic spray…. The next day you are already walking normally,” explained the 54-year-old dancer, causing controversy among her colleagues.

“My children are priceless.”

The vedette explained that after her separation from Juan Osorio, the producer married Yamileth, a woman who separated him from his son and, therefore, stopped seeing him for several years.

“Then he married Yamileth, who never cared that Juan was close to his children, and it was until 10 years later that Juan returned to see his son in all aspects, but it’s okay because my children are priceless.”

Niurka Marcos
Emilio ay Juan Osorio no longer work together (Photo: Instagram/@emilio.marcos)
Emilio ay Juan Osorio no longer work together (Photo: Instagram/@emilio.marcos)

After their reunion, the Televisa producer and the juvenile actor became one of the most controversial duos on social networks but always present in the main signal of Las Estrellas, something that worried the Cuban vedette.

“Emilio and Juan lived a very nice relationship, but it was manager-artist, and I realized, this part of Emilio’s adolescence, that when he came out of the stress for someone so young, the concerts, the followers and arrived home quite stressed. I talked to Juan and Emilio and told them that it is time to enjoy as father and son, to tolerate that part of coexistence, father and son”.

Niurka Marcos

Niurka and her surgeries

A few years ago, during an interview with “La Primera Mano,” the Cuban vedette revealed a huge scar on her belly due to a cesarean section. It was here that she had a semi-lipectomy to remove the mark and have a smoother and firmer appearance to her abdomen.

Her next surgery for aesthetic issues was to increase the size of her breasts. However, the celebrity has already undergone three surgeries on this body part. On the other hand, she emphasized that her backside is natural and that she has not had implants in this area.