Niurka Marcos defends Bad Bunny for kissing his dancer: “Why don’t they criticize better how they crush careers”

Niurka Marcos is visiting Miami. The Cuban was reunited with Juan Vidal, in the midst of much love, balloons and roses, and also attended the program “Sit down who can”, hosted by Julián Gil, where they talked about the kiss that Bad Bunny gave to one of his dancers during his performance at the 2022 VMAs.

“There is gender equality today, there is love in humanity today. We are criticizing a kiss but listen carefully to what I am going to tell you: why don’t you criticize better how they destroy images, how they crush careers… and they don’t have to give a kiss, better worry about how so many families in the industry have been hit in the tower, how this man has suffered with his son, that’s what they have to give him, not a kiss, ”said Niurka Marcos at full voice, even referring to to Julian Gil and the situation he is going through with Marjorie de Sousa because of his son Mathias and pointing at him while he was speaking.

Bad Bunny’s kiss with one of his dancers while they gave their show at the VMA’s caused a lot of controversy on social networks and did not escape being a topic of debate on programs that cover the world of entertainment on television.. There were many messages that came criticizing the action of the Puerto Rican singer who has broken all records worldwide and who is currently on a tour taking his music to thousands and thousands of people, with totally sold-out concerts in all the cities he has visited and in those he has yet to visit.

“We must give space to what is important to highlight in our environment”, It was the message with which Niurka Marcos shared this video on her social networks and which has already garnered more than 14,000 likes.

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