Niurka Marcos gives Daniella Navarro no respite and attacks her mercilessly in a new interview: The House of Celebrities continues to take its toll

It seems there’s no way Niurka Marcos and Daniella Navarro become friends. It doesn’t matter that the Venezuelan is Nacho Casano’s girlfriend and that he defends her tooth and nail, the Cuban keeps calling her “gargoyle buttocks” and makes it clear that as much as some want to make her the next Niurka, for that she needs stature.

The Cuban vedette yesterday did a Live on Instagram where she spoke again about her time in The House of the Famous, did not go into details because apparently it signed an agreement with Telemundo to no longer speak ill of the famous reality show that conquered everyone’s hearts during its second season, which left Ivonne Montero as the winner.

Despite the above, he did have words about some of his former teammates and the one that is clear to us that he does not support is Daniella Navarro.

The passage of the Venezuelan by LCDLF2 It has not given her a break, neither to her nor to many other celebrities who were there, especially because of how some of these behaved with the winner of the show. Although it is true, Nacho, Daniella, Toni Costa, Salvador Zerboni and Lewis Mendoza have added new fans, they have also obtained new “haters”, since as they said the “cameras captured everything”.

And what became clear to many is that there is rivalry between Daniella and Niurka and that neither one supports the other and here the queen of the show goes again, leaving everything very clear, in case anyone still has doubts:

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