Niurka Marcos revealed some terms established in the contract to participate in ‘LCDLF2’

The vedette Niurka Marcos was eliminated from ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’ on June 20, since then he has not stopped expressing his annoyance for the decision they made within the reality show during that nomination.

In turn, Marcos detailed those who, according to him, have had a campaign against him, which is very different not to reveal the details out of respect. At the time, he stressed that on no occasion did he sign a confidentiality clause.

“I should not say what is in my contract for ethics, but I can say what is not there and There is no confidentiality clause in my contract. In my contract I am not obliged to go to the galas, so that is important for the haters who say ‘he is waiting for his demand’ to know, ”explained the Cuban during a live broadcast that took place with Juan Rivera.

The former participant of the renowned reality show stated that she felt sorry for those who, beyond complying with what is established in a document, have to do so for some type of convenience.

“They know perfectly well how the p*** is and why I didn’t feel like going and why I didn’t go anymore because I don’t allow them to disrespect me because I give myself my place. Those who do not give it or those who are bound by contract, but those who are doing it in the interest of being given more work, what a pity!“, he told her.

In the middle of the conversation, Niurka revealed two important points that are established, since it is a prohibition so that no one slaps another of his companions. Apparently they would also have detailed that he would not be allowed to take anyone by the hair.

“They put a mandatory rule that no one could slap and rip anyone because if someone was slapped or beaten… When I realized that they put that strict clause, it was that they were preparing two or three grenades for me inside so that all those gargoyles would have the courage to confront me because if they don’t put that clause, you know how It would have rained the slaps and the hair pulling and the dives in the pool”, he added during the conversation.

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