Niurka Marcos shows off her legs with a tiny bikini and blows up Instagram

The Cuban Niurka Marcos He does not hesitate to show off his enviable figure at 54 years old. She can easily be envied by any young woman of 20. Which also happens with her excess of sincerity. We already know that Niurka Marcos she does not remain silent in the face of what she thinks about any topic and is always the subject of controversy. But, what gets everyone talking today is her spectacular curves and her legs that she showed off on Instagram with a tiny bikini and from a hammock.

Very removed from the pain, a word that does not know Niurka Marcos, the star took her cell phone and passed the camera all over her body so that her fans could see the legs she has and the statuesque figure she wears while wearing a tiny bikini. Obviously this He blew up the comment section of his Instagram account in praise you.

“Spectacular body I admire so much, greetings from Poza Rica, Veracruz”, “Simply beautiful greetings from Costa Rica”, “Regia and beautiful, as always”, “What a beautiful woman and what a body”, “Girl who were you to see yourself like this ”,“ Niurka you are a queen, Dioooos ”,“ I love you ”, were some of the compliments that were left to Niurka Marcos in your account Instagram.

The other one who is not far behind is her daughter Romina Marcos, who also spent a few days on the beach with his mother to celebrate the end of the year. There, Niurka and Romina showed their curves with some very sensual bikinis. There is no doubt that this pair is one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in Hispanic entertainment.

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