Niurka stars in a lawsuit in “The House of Celebrities 2” by Luis Miguel

The participation of Niurka Marcos, on the reality show, “The House of Celebrities 2” has generated a lot of controversy, because on several occasions he has made strong comments against celebrities, on this occasion he went to Luis Miguelof whom he assured that “it leaves women crying in depression”.

In AmericanPost.News We have let you know that the singer has not been the only one who has criticized, because recently Niurka spoke of Adamari López in front of Toni Costa, assuring that “She was fat and ugly”.

However, during a conversation with Luis “Potro” Caballero and Brenda Zambrano, who was the best singer was discussed, so the name “El Sol” came up.

What did Niurka say?

Niurka makes strong comments against Luis Miguel. Niurka makes strong comments in “The House of Celebrities 2”

The talk began when “El Potro” assured that the singer Luis Miguel is the best, to which Niurka assured that he is a good artist, however a “bad person”.

“I don’t like him as a person, I don’t like how he has treated women, nor the legacy he has left as a human being, as a family. I don’t like anything about him. He sings to love, but he does not exercise it. That is my opinion, mine, I do not impose it on anyone, “he assured.

Similarly, the vedette assured that she is close to Aracely Arambula, former Luis Miguel and mother of two of her children, with whom she has no contact.

“I know because I am a friend of the mother of his children. Publicly, what has been seen, what has been published and what is evidence; is that her record speaks of her being unstable in her relationships, that she falls in love, uses and leaves women crying in depression,” she assured.

Niurka talks about the work of Luis Miguel

Niurka makes strong comments in “The House of Celebrities 2”

Before Niurka’s statements, his companions from “La Casa de los Famosos” began to give their opinion and some were annoyed, at Niurka’s opinion, since they affirmed that he did not stop shouting and criticizing Luis Miguel.

However, the vedette Niurka Marcos made it clear that she respects Luis Miguel in the workplace, because she admits that he is a great singer.

“I like him as a singer, as an artist because he’s a ching * and he sings like angels and in his songs he invokes love, but he doesn’t exercise it because of his behavior.”

Finally, Niurka noted that the behavior of Luis Miguel with the press and his lack of closeness with his family, they show a “great instability” and reveal that it is “complicated” to deal with him.

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