No Mexican Victims in Texas Shooting, Says Ebrard

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard reported that no victims of Mexican origin have yet been reported for the shooting occurred in a Texas elementary school, perpetrated by an 18-year-old of American origin.

However, the foreign minister stressed that the community where this tragedy occurred is of Mexican origin. Marcelo Ebrard regretted what happened and expressed his condolences, since he considered that these victims are “deceased of all humanity.”

AmericanPost.News reported that the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He sent his condolences to the relatives of the victims of this massacre in which he said “there is no doubt” that there were victims of Mexican origin since Texas used to belong to Mexico.

Gun sales influence US school shootings

Ebrard pointed out that the United States’ weapons policy is negligent The Mexican teacher is in serious condition after being shot

Digging deeper into the shooting at TexasMarcelo Ebrard argued that the possibility that young people like Salvador Ramos, the perpetrator of this massacre, have easy access to firearms leads to tragedies like the one that occurred in said school, where 19 children and 2 teachers died.

In this sense, the foreign minister stressed that the Mexican authorities will continue with the lawsuit filed against the arms manufacturers in the United Stateswhich maintains that this weaponry reaches the country through organized crime groups due to negligence in policies on the use of weapons in North America.

Likewise, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs joined, through your twitter accountto the call made by the Pope Franciscowho called for a halt to the rampant arms trade in the United States.

Mexican teacher injured in Texas shooting

The Mexican teacher is in serious condition after being shot

It is worth mentioning that Arnulfo Reyes is a Mexican teacher who was injured in this shooting while trying to protect his students. The teacher had to undergo surgery and his state of health is reported as serious, since he received bullet wounds in the arm and left lung.

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